Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 de mayo

Nothing too thrilling to report here...this week was long. Is long. I had to return to school three afternoons this week, and today we had to recuperate a class and stayed longer than usual. One of my teachers took to calling me "Abbie" this week, which amused me...pronounce it in Spanish and it just sounds funny! Ah-vee. Try it. See? Funny.

My host mom has been sick since Sunday night (have you ever tried to eat dinner while someone is puking in the next room? I don't recommend it), so I've been taken care of by a stream of "babysitters" this week. Today's "babysitter" reminded me of my grandma - she gave me a fork, knife, and spoon at lunch...and all I was eating was soup. I actually don't know that Grandma would have gone to all that trouble...but she'd be pleased to know I have all the silverware at every meal! My "babysitters" usually give me my food then go do other chores, which has made for lonely mealtimes, but it's not so bad with the company of Little Women. (So Rach, these women...just how little are they? Sorry, I couldn't resist a Friends reference!)

Luckily, the end of the school week is here, which means nothing too thrilling except uninterrupted homework time. I have a presentation on Tuesday, two papers due on Thursday, and finals on Thursday and Friday...and then I get to come home. That seems like good motivation to stay on-task and get things done to me!

Tomorrow we have our final group excursion. We're going to Picos de Europa. Obviously I have no idea what that entails - we're leaving school at 9:00 a.m. and will return at 9:00 p.m.

This weekend is my last opportunity to enjoy the nightlife of Spain, so I (and the rest of the group) intend to do so. I'm guessing it will involve everyone's favorite shot bar, dancing, and some pretty late nights. I'll probably only go out one night, because I get tired too easily if I stay out late. Because of this, some people in the group refer to me as "Grandma," a name I will willingly accept. I can't argue with it if it's true, right?

Right now I'm at the market, downloading some TV shows to keep me company tonight (including the finale of How I Met Your Mother, Zach!). I'm hoping to turn in early and get some good rest - I have woken up every morning this week (for no reason, I should add) at 4:00 and haven't been able to fall back to sleep for a least an hour. This makes for an incredibly tired Abbie!

Hope you all had a great week!

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